Grande Sports Academy strives to provide its student-athletes with the best opportunities on the field and in the classroom. It is our mission to develop and prepare student-athletes from around the world to reach their fullest potential personally, athletically and academically.
Benefits to Full-Time Residency:

    • Full immersion into academics, athletic development and life skill training
    • Strong communication and interaction between high school teachers and academy staff in developing students’ personal goals and future college objectives
    • Significant focus on personal development using community service and leadership training as a foundation for success
    • Receive multiple opportunities to showcase their talent
    • Watch and potentially compete against MLS, NASL and USL teams during their preseason at Grande Sports Academy.

In the past six years, one-hundred percent of our graduates have earned a college scholarship offer or have signed a professional contract. The education provided to the student-athletes has led seniors to be accepted and attend universities that include:

    Stanford University
    Wake Forest Univesrity
    Marquette University
    University of Washington
    University of Maryland
    University of Virginia
    Georgetown University
    Clemson University
    University of Louisville

Check out our College Commitments & Professional Signings page to see a full list of all the places our players have gone.

Student-athletes of Grande Sports Academy have two educational tracks: Arizona State University (ASU) Preparatory Academy for all U.S. Citizens and Mission Heights Preparatory High School for international players that require student visas.

ASU Prep-Poly Graduation“We embrace the ASU Prep Way: Work Hard, Be Nice, Be Smart.”

ASU Preparatory Academy is an innovative public charter high school where students are prepared for success with personalized attention in a university-embedded academic program that empowers them to complete college, compete globally and contribute to their communities. ASU Preparatory Academy maintains a rigorous curriculum focused on the internationally acclaimed Cambridge Curriculum that has been used in more than 160 countries to provide a high quality instructional program that assures students are prepared for college and a career. This personalized student instruction promotes critical thinking and project-based learning while utilizing annual “Capstone” thesis-venture projects. Every student in ASU Prep’s 2015 graduating class was admitted to post-secondary study or military service.

Four Step List Infographic

ASU Prep – Casa Grande is located on Grande Sports Academy campus, and offers a personalized approach to learning that includes:

  •  Challenging international Cambridge Curriculum
  •  Opportunity to develop leadership skills, public speaking skills and civic responsibility through Capstone project ventures
  •  Opportunity to take ASU Online courses while supported by ASU Prep faculty as juniors and seniors
  •  A high use of innovative learning technology and working with digital tools and applications that personalize their learning experience
  •  The flexibility to work at your own pace
  •  The opportunity to accelerate course taking and advance towards university courses.

Visit the ASU Prep Website for more information!

Mission Heights Prep Logo“Create an environment where academic success is built on the pillars of college readiness, community service, civic duty, and self-discipline”

Mission Heights Prep is a charter high-school located in Casa Grande with the availability to accept international students. Their goal is to prepare each student with the education and opportunities to not only be accepted into college or university, but to succeed when they attend. The school provides extensive advanced placement and college preparatory classes, using AVID strategies infused throughout the curriculum.

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